PR’s for Week of May 28th!


PR’s for Week of May 28th!



Congrats to the following members on their PR’s!

Alyssa Arsenault – 105lb 1RM Front Squat, 90lb 3RM Jerk, and 95b 1RM Jerk!
Lindsey Cote – 195lb 1RM Front Squat!
Kristen Gallo – 145lb 1RM Front Squat and a 95lb 3RM Jerk!
Kevin Geoffrion – 325lb 3RM Back Squat, 315lb 1RM Front Squat, and a 3:51 Fran time!
Cara Oxley – First kipping Pull-up!
Annie Washburn – 80lb 1RM Strict Press, 110lb Clean & Jerk, and a 9 minute mile (3minute PR)!

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